Blū Powder Coating Residue Cleaner

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  • Quickly clean residue left behind after lasering powder coated cups.
  • One cleaner optimized to work on all types of powder coating* - including YETI Duracoat, RTIC, Ozark Trail, Polar Camel, SIC

Blu Laser-Wipe-Rinse

*Always do a spot test on a test cup to make sure that the cleaner you are using does not affect the powder coat finish. When there is uncertainty, Bl? Standard should be the go-to cleaner. Bl? Nitro can dull certain sensitive or low-quality powder coat finishes.

Patents Pending


CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: This product can potentially expose you to chemicals, including Crystalline Silica/Quartz, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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Lenora V.
United States United States
Great Product

This stuff is amazing!! No scrubbing needed, just spray on and wipe away. I absolutely love it!!!

Tony M.
United States United States
Works like a charm....

I've used all kinds of products, chemicals, specialized cleaning cloths, magic erasers, etc., and all require a ton of elbow grease and often repeat application to fully remove residue. However, this product requires a minimal amount along with minimal effort to completely remove all residue without harming the finish. I definitely recommend this product. It works like a charm!

United States United States
Something that FINALLY works!

I never write reviews. Ever. I honestly had to come on to this website to find out if I can leave some sort of feedback. This product is absolutely amazing. We tried everything. Some household cleaners "worked" but it took more time to clean the tumblers than it did to engrave. Even then, they never really worked 100%, there was always a little shadow left behind. This works exactly how it looks in the video. Even works on different colors to get the last little bit of haze removed to leave the shine of the metal behind. I wanted to buy the trail size just to test it out, but it was sold out, and we were desperate, so I got the 32 oz refill size. I'm honestly so glad, I'm tempted to order another just to make sure I never run out. I can't say enough good things. Quality product. You guys should be proud of yourselves for delivering on exactly what you advertise. Cheers.

Deron F.
United States United States
Great Stuff

This stuff really works. Better than any of the other cleaners out there. You get what you pay for.

Bo C.
United States United States
Insanely Great!

If your practice is, like mine was, to run each tumbler twice in order to clean up left over powder coat residue - this product is a MUST HAVE for you! We would always run a second cycle at a faster speed and lower power setting to try to "clean up" the powder coating residue. The problem is that powder coating is applied with heat. So no matter how many times we would try to burn off the tinge of color residue, all we were doing was re-burning it onto the steel surface. Acetone, denatured alcohol, etc. would not really clean things up. Enter (on a whim) the Blū product! We engrave our tumblers ONCE! We literally spray on the cleaner - wipe with a sponge - and as if by some wizard's waving wand we are left with a gleaming steel finish in every engraved area after a rinse off with water. Not only has this product paid for itself within 2 or 3 tumblers, but the finished result makes our product stand out in appearance from all others. I am NOT over hyping this product.

Enduramark Blū Powder Coating Residue Cleaner Review

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