Enduramark Diamond Dust on Stainless Steel

Enduramark Diamond Dust on Stainless Steel

Why You Should Dazzle Your Customers With Enduramark Diamond Dust

Enduramark Diamond Dust marking material is just as easy to use and just as durable as our Black marking material and provides customers with yet another attractive option. 


VIDEO LINK: Enduramark Diamond Dust on Stainless Steel

You’re probably already using black metal-marking material and hopefully silver, too. But have you seen or tried marking with Enduramark Diamond Dust? Here’s why you should: 

First, it’s now available in an aerosol spray can and is just as easy to use as Enduramark Black and Silver marking sprays. For instructions and demonstrations on how to use the sprays on metal, please see the accompanying video as well as our previous blogs, “How to Apply Enduramark and Optimizing Your Laser Settings”. 

Second, diamond dust stands out with its textured look, shine, and sparkle. At trade shows, we get the most oohs and ahhs about the diamond dust because it is not only unique but also beautiful to look at. Laser engravers get excited about being able to provide the option to their customers. The diamond dust mark particularly shines and sparkles in sunlight and many other types of bright lighting. You really have to see it to believe it, and once you do, you’ll be dazzled. 

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