Blū: Improved Cleaner For Post Lasering Powder Coat Residue

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Remove Post-Laser Residue from Powder-Coated Items

Anyone who lasers on powder-coated tumblers or other powder-coated items knows that the laser leaves behind an unattractive residue on the engraved portion of the item.  Normal cleaning products often don’t remove the residue and can also damage the powder-coat. 


VIDEO LINK: Powder Coat Residue Remover

After confronting this problem ourselves when we first began engraving powder-coated tumblers, our team of chemists perfected a cleaning product called Blū that quickly and easily removes the residue, leaving the engraved portion of the item shiny while also protecting the surrounding powder coat. 

Blū is easy to use and works quickly.  After you engrave a powder-coated item, you simply spray the engraved portion with Blū, wipe the area with a “magic” eraser or sponge, and rinse the area with water. Voila! Beautiful and shiny!